Ogopogo Regatta August 8th!

As part of Penticton's famous Peachfest, we're holding a Regatta revival featuring War Canoe races and lots more! Regattas on Okanagan Lake have been a long standing tradition, starting in the early 1900s and going strong until the 1940s when the Second World War took many of the men away from the community. Regattas on the lake have been held sporadically since then. The Penticton Museum acquired four of the orginal War Canoes and has restored two of them to racing condition.

Join us in celebrating our heritage and history, as well as having some good family fun on the lake! Proceeds will help support the Museum's efforts in restpring the last two War Canoes.

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Ogopogo Regatta AUGUST 8 2015 -Okanagan Lakefront in front of Lakawanna Park

A hundred years ago, the people of the Okanagan would hold aquatic regattas that were community building and full of competitive fun! We're recreating the old-timey feel of these popular events with kayak, canoe, outrigger, and War Canoe races; plus vintage bathing suit competitions, and lots of events for the kids including a Splash Race! Win an 'Ogopogo Cup' and bragging rights! Proceeds from the events will go to the Penticton Museum's War Canoe Restoration Project.
Family friendly and great as a corporate team-building exercise. Register now as an individual or team!

"A Very Canadian Railroad: The Story of the Kettle Valley Railway" Penticton Museum Original Exhibit March 2015 - November 2015 - 785 Main st, Penticton

A look back at the 100-years history of the KVR, the people and the trains and the landscape that brought together a railway that is still connecting communities throughout the Okanagan.


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